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Emma Coath is the official entrepreneur and owner of My Identity Box LLC.  

She is a sophomore at Temple University studying graphic design and will graduate with a certificate in creative entrepreneurship. Her mission is to create a subscription service for international adoptees to receive items from their birth country to connect them to their heritage and to each other. She is starting with China first. She hopes to continue with India, Russia, and Korea (and more) once she gains more experience. 

The annual subscription will deliver a box of surprises each quarter. In the future, she wants to make her own website and app for her customers to create accounts for connecting with other adoptees to share their experiences based on their interests.


Emma has three Chinese sisters and was raised by Caucasian parents in Collegeville, PA, where Chinese people are a minority. They were raised with love and acceptance of their heritage. They attended Chinese school every Saturday, celebrated Chinese holidays, and befriended families that looked like them through Families with Children from China. Her parents are open to helping find their birthparents if/when they choose, and her parents have always supported and encouraged each of their unique personalities and goals.  

Despite all these positive aspects of her childhood, Emma too has faced doubts, stresses, problems, and questions her parents can never help with or answer. And now that she is attending a large, urban university filled with the diversity of many races and cultures, Emma is more deeply exploring her identity issues than ever. She has also become more involved with learning other Chinese adoptees’ stories through social media, and she has realized that all adoptees have different kinds and levels of exposure to their heritage. So if she has doubts even with the strong foundation she was given, how are others who didn’t have much cultural exposure dealing with identity issues? 

All of this has inspired her to create My Identity Box LLC. 

She is learning that part of her "identity” wants to help other adoptees connect with their heritage and ultimately with each other. She hopes that a surprise from your birth country in a subscription box might inspire us to question who we are and start a conversation among us! She wants to be a part of changing the feelings of confusion, loneliness, and being forgotten that some adoptees experience. 

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