Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Identity Box?

Emma created a subscription service for international adoptees to receive cultural items from their birth countries, with hopes that a quarterly box with a surprise inside will help connect adoptees to their heritage and to each other. With this in mind, Emma wants to expand beyond China in the future.   

How does it work?

Emma finds unique gifts from your birth country. Each order will be unique to each country. Emma is starting by ordering gifts for My Identity Box + Chinese at the moment. She hopes to expand beyond China in the future.                                   

How are the boxes priced?

The price depends on the country box, items, and shipping. +Emma's sweat and tears, JK:)

Can I just purchase one box to start?

Yes! I just added a one-time identity box before signing up for the annual subscription. Here is the link to the box:

What are the instructions after paying for my box?

Please take a moment to respond to this new survey to help us understand more about you so we can customize your gifts!

What is inside each box based on Kids, Teens, Young Adults, and Adults?

I have added an adjustable guideline that will change and overlap after I gain more experience from subscribers' feedbacks. (all are suggested and will overlap)

Adult gifts: cooking supplies, artwork, religious objects, pop culture items, antique items

Young Adult gifts: food, music, books, postcards, and journals

Teen gifts: school supplies, clothes, instruments, posters, and games

 Kid gifts: toys, movies, stickers, pictures and plants

What made you think of this business?

The idea started with my parents celebrating Gotcha Day. We celebrate by my mom giving us a gift from the Chinese province we are from on our special day we met my parents. The adoptee plans the day. We either buy takeout or make Chinese food. We take pictures and marvel at the gift. We have a family game night in our pajamas. We watch our adoption videos and look at our photo albums in the family room until late at night while my mother and father cry out of luck, fortune, and happiness. My parents have fewer gifts to give now we are older. I do not want the tradition to end. My business can help adoptee families experience more days of reveling in their heritage, culture, and traditions forever.

Was My Identity Box started by a Chinese Adoptee? 

Yes! I was adopted at 11 months in Yi Chun, Jiangxi province in 1999. I have three other Chinese adoptee sisters. Our ages are 21, 19, 18, and 15 years old. My parents are in their 50s. My mom has visited China 5 times. I am focused on helping other adoptees who also have strong internal feelings about their adoptee identity, want to talk about with their adoptee identity with their family, and desire to reconnect with adoptees like themselves.

What is your purpose?

I hope to run a successful resource for Chinese adoptees and future international adoptees alike because my adoption experience is based on feeling supportive of my parents and also feeling abandoned by my Chinese parents. I have felt deep anger, sadness, denial, and confusion at different times in my life even with all the support. I encourage adoptees to figure out how to express their adoptee identity with people they trust and love, who will be there 24/7. What I am trying to explain is that while our experiences allow us to develop our own identities, my business can be an option for adoptees to reconnect with their adoption identity and discover ways to talk about it with their families and friends when times are okay and rough for international adoptees.

Do you have friends who are Chinese Adoptees that relate to your identity struggles? 

My friends who were adopted could relate, but we do not always talk about them, because why would we when our childhood at times seemed so optimistic and nurtured. Chinese adoptees I grew up since birth with are now further apart. Our identities, passions, and activities have changed. We are in our college years, starting to work on our careers and relationships around the world. At times I did not know who to turn to, what to say, and what resources I could begin having conversations with my sisters or parents about my doubts and struggles of who am I. I have made new friends from these CCI Facebook groups that I talk with and share my identity struggles currently. I hope to help international adoptees to learn how to talk about their adoptee identity with their family and reconnecting with adoptees like themselves when they subscribe to my business.

What future goals do you have for the money you earn?

I want to make a subscription service for all international adoptees: Chinese, Russian, Korean, Indian etc. I hope to create a better website and an app. I want to have the ability for adoptees to make a personal account to post their own questions, concerns, and comments about their lives and learn from other international adoptees. I hope to have more resources available for heritage tours, native language classes, video discussions, interesting books, and adoptee pictures.

Can you find (item) with (blank) for my daughter from her (name) city/rural/province for her annual identity box set?

I will try my best to find items that may be inspired by her city/rural/province. I will research from her area and estimate the shipping time for the upcoming season. The surveys are the best way to contact me for questions and concerns about what items will be in each box. I can plan it out better with more efficiency.

Why should I buy a Gotcha day gift and an annual identity box set?

I want to preface that My Identity Box aims for quality over quantity. I hope to satisfy my customers with the best adoptee gifts that keep on giving. It’s why I intend to hear back from the adoptees to know what items will help them and match their identities the best.  You do not have to buy both.

A Gotcha day gift is better for adoptees who want fewer items and more personal attention from their birth country. All Gotcha day gifts will be unique and designed for their special day. A letter of research and authenticity will be added to the box. Just ask them what they prefer.

What is Cratejoy? Why did you pick Cratejoy?

Cratejoy is an online platform that enables users to build their own subscription business. It is listed as an E-Commerce, Subscription Service, and Web Hosting platform. Cratejoy offers subscriptions for every type of lifestyle. No matter your interests, experts and enthusiasts will create and curate the absolute best products for your subscription box - and then send it right to your door every single month. At My Identity Box, we ship only 4x a year (once a season) for an annual subscription plan! 

You can rest easy knowing that your personal information is completely secure. All transactions are conducted over bank-grade SSL connections and we are fully PCI Level-1 Compliant. Your data is safe with Cratejoy.

What are your thoughts about shipping internationally? Are you shipping outside of the United States?

I am projecting to ship within the USA at the moment, but if there are international customers, please let me know what information I should know about! I hope to gain more knowledge by reading your responses.

What is your business phone number? 

You can call me. My business phone number is listed on Facebook. I am available during 9-5pm. If you called and I did not pick up will probably because I am in a college class, with my family, or in a setting not suitable for business phone meetings. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please email me to arrange a phone call meeting.

Who is teaching you how to run a subscription service? 

I am teaching myself and with my help of my business mentors. I am also using Subscription School to learn the basics. 

Why should I buy Annual boxes?

It is easier for you to pay once. These boxes will be the perfect gift for an adoptee, if they  are interested in talking about their adoption experiences. I intend to broaden my website: onto a different platform that will be open for accounts, forums, posts, videos, and messaging abilities. 

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